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August 2017 - Click here
From the President p.2
The Struggle for Charlie Gard's Life p.3
Boy with Same Condition as Charlie Gard p.3
Father Tells Story of His Aborted Son  p.4
Doctor Support for Assisted Death Rises p.5
AMA Claims It Is Not Studying Position on Physician-Assisted Suicide p.6
Canadian Nurse Forced Out for Refusing to Participate in Euthanasia p.7
MPOLST Legislation Day of Remembrance p.8
One-Third of U.S. Adults Have Advance Medical Directives p.9
Scientists Kill Unborn in Genetic Engineering Experiments p.10
Right to Life - LIFESPAN’s Pro-Life Luncheon p.10
Natl. Assoc. of Pro-Life Nursing Scholarship p.11
Upcoming Events p.12

August 2016 - Click here
From the President p.2
Meet Senator Emmons p.2
The Crisis is in Your Own Backyard p.3
Why Are They Trying to Make Us Kill Our Patients? p.4
Euthanasia Will Not Give People Dignity… p.5
Hospice Care p.6
New Books! p.6
United Way Sent $3 Million to Planned Parenthood p.7
Clarence Thomas Slams Supreme Court p.8
Abortion Pill Reversal p.9
Day of Remembrance p.9
Stem Cells: A Pro-Life Primer p.10
Right to Life - LIFESPAN’s Pro-Life Luncheon p.11
Upcoming Events p.12

August 2015 - Click here
First Do No Harm – The Threat of Assissted Suicide As End Of Life Care" p.1
"What is Happening with POLST in MI?" p.1
From the President: Dear Colleagues p.2
Obama Administration Sends $5.6 Million to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz p.3
Memorial: Mary Lou Temple p.3
Michigan Nurses for Life offer courageous witness in often difficult circumstances p.4
Euthanasia’s Cancerous Corruption of Medical Morality p.5
Rationing? Obamacare Health Care Plans Have 34%Fewer Doctors, Hospitals p.6
Right-to-Life LIFESPAN Annual Pro-Life Breakfast Information p.6
Cranky Old Man p.7
Nurses' Response p.7
MNFL Goes to College p.7
NAPLN College Scholarship p.7

August 2014 - Click here
Procuring Organs – "Over My Dead Body?" p.1
Brain Death, Organ Donation & Ethics p.1
Margaret Sanger: Her Legacy of Social Darwinism and Eugenics p.1
Donate Life! Give and Let Live p.1
From the President: Dear Colleagues p.2
The Need for Uniform Criteria to Declare Death by Neurological Criteria p.2
The Supreme Court Hands Down Hobby Lobby Decision p.3
Women Leaders Blast Radical Senate Abortion Agenda p.3
"Save The Storks" Launch Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Centers p.4
Vote: We Have the Right p4
This Isn’t What I Wanted! p.5
Right to Life - LIFESPAN — Annual Pro-Life Breakfast p.6
CEUs Online p.7
National Association of Pro-Life Nurses Scholarship p.7
Medicare Payment Policy p.7
Michigan Nurses For Life Goes To College p.7

August 2013 - Click here
From the President: Media Bias: What are the Effects? p.2
Rehash of Abortion Safety Claim Ignores All Inconvenient Evidence to the Contrary p.3
Is Society Moving Toward Assisted Suicide for Any Reason? p.4
American Nurses Association Should Not Support Assisted Suicide p.5
Vermont, Maryland legalize No Consent DNRs p.6
Little Items of Great Importance! p.7
Upcoming Events p.8

August 2012 - Click here
From the President Update: Auburn Hills Planned Parenthood p.2
Statement: NAPN Birth Control Mandate p.3
Adult Stem Cells vs. Embryonic Stem Cells p.4
Stem Cell Banks and Research Facilities Lejeune Foundation Awards Grants // Save The Dates! p.5
Legislative Updates p.6
Where Do the Candidates Stand On Life p.7
Presidential Election p.8

January 2012 - Click here
Planned Parenthood Given Green Light to Open p.2
Scholarship Award for Nursing Students p.2
Membership Renewal p.3
Primary Election p.3
Save the Date: 2012 MNFL Fall Conference p.4
"Born to Be A Lady" Modest Fashion Show p.4
Support Alternatives: Adult Stem Cell Research Foundations p.5
Raising Concerns p.6
2011 MNFL Fall Conference Review p.7
Upcoming Events p.8

April 2011 - Click here
President's Perspective p.2
Winner of MNFL Drawing p.2
Babies Can Be Treated With Adult Stem Cells Even In the Womb p.3
In the News... p.4-5
Planned Parenthood in Michigan Buys Facility for New Abortion Center p.6
2011 Student Nursing Scholarship Winner Announcements p.7
Upcoming Events p.8

October 2010 - Click here
President's Perspective p.2
MNFL Fall Conference in Review p.3
Breast Cancer Awareness Month p.6
Embryonic Stem Cell Research p.7

March 2010 - Click here
President's Perspective p.2
Dangerous DNR's p.4
Real Health Care Respects Life p.6

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Assissted Suicide
Brain Death & Organ Donation
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