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The Threat of Assisted Suicide As End of Life Care

Submitted by Mary Lou Temple, RN, MS, Nursing

Wesley J. SmithOn September 26th, 65 nurses and lay people met at the Franco Center of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital to hear Wesley Smith speak on the topic of “FIRST DO NO HARM” The Threat of Assisted Suicide. This is the third time Wesley has spoken to the prolife nursing group. He is an author and attorney and is a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. He is also a consultant to the Patients Rights Council.

He reviewed the history of the assisted suicide movement and pointed out that it is a conflict of differing world views – the dignity and sanctity of life vs. autonomy, quality of life and the idea of eliminating suffering. He also discussed the “conscience clause”, where medical professionals used to be able to ‘opt out” of a procedure to which they had moral or religious objections. Other countries such as Australia and Canada now require doctors to refer a woman for an abortion, even if they are morally opposed to it. He defined this as “medical martyrdom”. He commented that doctors no longer take the Hippocratic Oath in the United States.

Assisted suicide was just legalized in California, making it the 4th state to legalize assisted suicide. Prolife activists are working in coalition with disability activists to educate the public about the dangers of assisted suicide.

Edward L. Rivet IIEd Rivet, Legislative Director of Right to Life of Michigan, discussed the POST (physician’s orders for scope of treatment) document, which began development in Michigan three years ago in collaboration with the MNA, hospices, medical groups and other disciplines. It is a response to the over-medicalization of death of the elderly in ICUs, deficiencies in living wills and the low number of patients who have advanced directives. It is a one page document that is filled out by the doctor in collaboration with the patient and/or family and addresses CPR status, desired medical interventions, nutrition and documentation of discussion. The patient should have a copy and the POST document would move with the patient to ER, hospital, nursing home etc. It should be reviewed periodically based on changes in the patient’s condition. It is currently used in 3 counties in Michigan and as well as other states.


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