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Our History nurse

Michigan Nurses For Life began independently in the hearts of two nurses in the Metro Detroit area in the fall of 1995. One was a LPN; the other was a RN.

Both called the Educational Center For Life in Oakland County to see if there was such a group already in existence. Both were aware there was a National Association of Prolife Nurses, but wanted to be involved in something local. The answer was “no”, but they were given each other's phone number.

After that meeting and a great deal of work, which included developing the purpose, structure, marketing plan, and activities for the organization, MNFL emerged as a vibrant organization.

After a number of phone conversations, the two planned to meet one rainy fall evening in 1995, at a local restaurant. Another nurse, who was a member of a local prolife nursing group that dissolved in the late 1980's, joined them.

Michigan Nurses for Life has a membership of over 100 health care professionals. Each year an educational conference is held and a certificate of attendance is offered.

Co-Founders MNFL 1995

Jackie BlackwoodMary Lou Temple

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Oxford Pregnancy Center is looking for a pro-life nurse to assist with ultrasounds and client management.
Call Jean Tuski 248-969-2177

Pregnancy Help Clinic based in Brighton is posting two part time medical personal positions for their new mobile unit.
   A) Nurse Practitioner, RN or PA
   B) Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Please contact Shari Boley at for a complete job description and application.

Protect Life Michigan’s outreach called Project Rosie needs volunteers for their “hotline” when moms call who are pregnant and need help.
Contact Adriana if you are interested.

Mother & Unborn Baby Care in Southfield is seeking a paid position for a receptionist/first responder. Please call 248-559-7576.


In Michigan, a volunteer nurse, who is not working, and does not want to continue the expense of renewing her nursing license, can obtain a special nurse volunteer license at no charge and can volunteer as a medical professional. She DOES have to get CEU credits every two years, but not as many as for a full license.


All you Facebook Folks----the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses now has a Facebook site. Please check it out, become a fan and let the light for Life shine on Facebook!

Dear Colleagues,

Most of us are old enough to remember the song, King of the Road. Some of the lyrics mention “trailer for sale or rent.” Well, we have moved on from trailers to wombs!

Recently signed legislation here in Michigan include the option of forming a contractual agreement, with monetary recompense, with a surrogate to pay her for gestation the child of a person/s who cannot conceive a child in the usual way. Our governor felt very good about this part of the Reproductive Health Act saying it was a step forward in reproductive rights and would help build families. That may be true but most often such contracts include a duty to abort a child who may be disabled, or no longer wanted. Unborn babies can now be purchased for whatever sum the parties decide.

There are those who now argue about what an abortion is. The argument is surrounded by either a total ignorance of what life in the womb is, or a tongue in cheek way of avoiding the stigma of abortion. For example, Jessica Dugger of TV fame, was accused of having an abortion after her child died in utero and she underwent a D & C.

I have recently read the opinion of an abortion provider who believes that unborn children give permission to the mothers for the abortion.

Michigan will soon be asked to approve active euthanasia.

Alabama Supreme Court ruled that babies conceived via IVF and stored as embryos are persons and cannot simply be discarded in the biohazard bin or ground up in the trash disposal. Then the state legislature quickly passed a law saying that no one who destroyed “left over” embryos would be prosecuted.

People are angry. On our roads, in public gatherings, on public transportation, in our schools people act out in sometimes deadly way.

Where am I going with this? What, or who, is the victim in all of these examples? Obviously, human life. I have no way of knowing if the architects of Roe v Wade ever dreamed where the consequences of this would go, but I remember the words of Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. She said, “the Roe v Wade decision is on a collision course with itself.” She was more correct than she knew because the cheapening of life that was created by Roe, has spread to all aspects of living. Can we stop it? That is the million-dollar question. I believe we can. I believe there are enough people in our world who will work toward that end. I believe we, nurses and other health care professionals, can change it. I also believe that if we are to survive as a society, as a nation, as a culture, we have no choice.

Love Life!


  Diane Trombley
Diane Trombley, RN, BSN
President, MNFL

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